Saturday, February 20, 2010

Herb Cohen

If you don't know

where you are going.

You can never get lost.

Henry Van Dyke

Be glad of life

Because it gives you the chance

To love

And to work

And to play

And to look up at the stars.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Arthur C. Clarke

It seems only reasonable that

Our enormous cosmos must be

Populated with other creatures,

some of them more advanced than

We are.

Clarke's first law:

When a distinguised but eldely scientist

States that something is possible,

He is almost certainly right.

When he states that something is impossible.

He is very probably wrong.

C larke's second law:

The only way of discovering

The limits of the possible is

To try to step beyond them

Into the impossibvle

Clarke's third law:

Any sufficiently advanced

Technology is indistinguishable

From magic

It may be that

The old astrologers had the truth

Exactly reversed

When they believed that

The stars controlled the destinies of men.

They time may come

When men con men control the destinees of the star.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

When you have eliminated

The impossible

Whatever remains

However improbable,

Must be true?

R,.W. Emerson, Conduct of Life

He who has a thousand friends

has not a friend to spare,

And he who has but one enemy

shall meet him everywhere

Albert Einstein

If there is any religion

which is acceptable to

the scientific mind

It is Buddhism.

The most beautiful thing

we can experience is

the mysterious

It is the Source of all

true art and science

No amount of experimentation

can ever prove me right,

A single experiment

can prove me wrong

Politics are for the moment

An equation is for eternity.


Probable impossibilities

Are to be preferred to

Improbable possibilities.

Abraham Lincoln

You can fool all the people

some of the time,

And some of the people

all the time,

But you cannot fool all the people all the time

The best thing

About the future is that

It comes

Only one day at a time.

Abraham Joshua Heshel


Rather than doubt

Is the root of knowledge.

Alexander Pope

Nature and Nature's laws lay

hid in the night;
God said" let Newton be", and

all was light.

Austin Bobson, The Paradox of Time.

Time goes, you say?

Ah no!

Alas, time stays.

We go

When Science meets philosophy